10 T/H Automatic Poultry feed pellet production line

 Step 1. Raw materials receiving and cleaning process 

Mainly used for the material of corn stalks, stones, rope head, branches,corn cob, sand, dry grains and other sundry cleaning and screening.


Step 2. Crushing process 
This process is mainly used to crush to raw materials into powder.We have many kinds of hammer mills for your choice: water drop hammer mill, multifunctional hammer mill and 9fq hammer mill etc

Step 3. Mixing process 
This process is used to mixed the crushed materials with higher uniformity.The feed mixer we have are single shaft double screw mixer, double shaft paddle mixer,vertical mixer.

Step 4. Pellet making process ---
We have five models of feed pellet mill for your choice. This process is to press the pellets out.

Step 5. Pellet cooling process ---
The newly pressed pellets are very high in temperature. This process is to cool the pellets to ±3-5℃ of the room temperature.

Step 6. Pellet crumbling process ---
This process is mainly to crush the big pellets into small ones. It is mainly used for chicken feed pellet line

Step 7. Sifting process ---
vibratory sizing sieve and plenary rotary sizing sieve. This process is mainly to sort out the inappropriate pellets and powder and send the standard pellets to next process.


Step 8. Packing process ---
Packaging machine.This process is to pack the pellets into bags which is convenient for storage and transportation.

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