Aquatic Feed Project

Aquatic products is expected to complete project for aquatic animals (fish, shrimp, crab, etc.) of feed production line meet customers a single production line output per hour 0.5-30 tons of demand.How to choose the high quality, low cost of high-grade fish, the processing technology of aquatic production material, know that in the process of the production of aquatic feed, in addition to ensure reasonable formula, it is important process must be gentle, to extend the feed water soluble in water, it is very important for aquatic animals' health and growth, and ensure the best product quality and maximize revenue, at the same time can produce the largest feed digestibility and more ideal feed conversion rate, improve the overall health eaters.Will provide customers with the best technology and products, help customers access to quality aquatic feed.


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Dry Mortar Mixer Automatic feed mill plant
Pellet Mill Hammer Mill
Mixer Crumbler and Sifter
Cooler and Dryer Conveyor and lifter
Extruder Precleaner