Livestock&Poulry Feed Project

Livestock and poultry feed turn-key project provide (swine, poultry, livestock and poultry (chicken, duck, goose, etc.), and other special animal (rabbit, fox, Wolf, etc.)feed production line , the project can be customized according to customer demand, can fully satisfy the customer to feed of livestock, poultry and other animals all kinds of different production requirements, and meet the most stringent hygiene standards, provide animals with green, clean and hygienic safety of feed.Livestock feed production craft, can produce biggest aniseed meat ratio, in the guarantee feed manufacturer of economic benefits at the same time, pay more attention to the animal's health, to ensure the safety of the downstream products of green food chain.

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product list
Automatic feed mill plant Pellet Mill
Extruder Hammer Mill
Mixer Crumbler and Sifter
Cooler and Dryer Conveyor and lifter
Precleaner Packer