• LDR Steam generator

LDR Steam generator

Product description:
Electric steam generator power abnormal protection function: boiler immediately stop running.

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Electric steam generator function:
1.Electric steam generator power abnormal protection function: boiler immediately stop running.
2.Electric steam generator leakage protection function: control system detects the electric heating element leakage, will automatically cut off the power supply.
3.Electric steam generator water shortage protection: when the boiler water shortage, cut off the heating tube control circuit in time to prevent dry burning heating tube damage, at the same time the controller issued water alarm indication.
4.Electric steam generator power abnormal protection function: boiler immediately stop running.

Characteristics of electric steam generator:
1.Electric steam generator adopts advanced electric heating tube, its surface load is low, long service life.
2.Electric steam generator boiler have a fast start andstop speed ,large running load adjustment range ,fast adjustment speed and simple operation
3.Electric steam generator heating element according to the temperature difference and load changes automatically adjust the number of heating tube input, and can automatically change the input order, not only save energy, but also make each group of heating pipe running time balance, so as to add evenly life of heat pipe.
4.Electric steam generator heating elements can be manually put in or stop, convenient for users to flexibly adjust the boiler heat.
5.Electric steam generator adopts advanced computer boiler controller, with reliable performance, high degree of automation, easy to use and other advantages.
6.Electric steam generator use accessories, are selected from domestic and foreign high-quality products, and through the furnace test inspection, to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.
7.High power electric steam generator adopts furnace body and control cabinet separation mode to avoid the use of electrical components affected by heat.

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